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App Launcher - Remote Control or Custom app

Hi all,

Would it be possible in the near future to either add Remote Control "CmRcViewer.exe" to the App Laucher possibilities or let us configure custom location to start our own custom application from the portal to manage the computer ?

Many thanks in advance, a feedback would be much appreciated !


David Gaillard
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  • wally_meadwally_mead Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi David,

    Thanks for the suggestion. You can indirectly launch Remote Control from the CMP, if you launch Remote Manage first. On the Other tab in it, there is the Remote Control action. I know that I have a request in to get Remote Manage completely built into the CMP, so that you don't have to launch it separately first.

    Also, you can do some customization from the App Launcher. If you are a Cireson customer, there is a KB on it. I just tried to access it, and the site is down for maintenance right now, so can't access it. However try that too if you have access to it.

  • David_GaillardDavid_Gaillard Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Wally !

    Thanks for your answer ! I just checked the KBs and I'm not able to find any relevant information about customization of App Launcher in order to start only the remote control tool and not start it through the Remote Control.

    We don't want to provide the remote control tool to our Service Desk as we don't want them to be local administrators of remote computers and as it is a prerequ for remote control is it a little complicated.

    Please let me know if I can have another way to achieve this as this has been requested from our Service Desk since we bought CMP and it could be a no go for renewal as the perma user remote control.

    Many thanks in advance for your help and support on this !

  • wally_meadwally_mead Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi David,

    Today, it is not possible to launch ConfigMgr's Remote Control directly from the App Launcher. We don't have extension capabilities to launch .exes from the App Launcher (outside what we have already added). You can use the KBs to add in URLs to be launched however.

    We are planning on extending the App Launcher functionality to allow .exe launches also. I will have to check to see if we have a timetable on that, I have not heard how soon that would be available. Also, as mentioned previously, we are working on integrating the Remote Manage functionality into the CMP directly. That is active work right now, and the functionality will be added over the next couple of releases of the CMP.

    So, today, you either need to launch Remote Control through Remote Manage, or completely outside the CMP. We do know that it is important to have the ability to launch it from the CMP. I'll check on timing of that, and get back to you.


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