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How to get effective asset reporting?

Tim_VottaTim_Votta Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
I am attempting to get some asset reporting together.  Nothing super crazy, ideally I want to have a report e-mailed out to management and the inventory team listing all systems that should be in stock.  One of the canned reports is pretty close to what I need, but it does not included the Manufacturer or Model Enum values, so I need a bit more than just what is provided out of the box.

I am not a SQL guy.  I can make sense of stuff a bit, but everything I have done reporting wise up to this point has been some significant trial and error, so it has been slow going.

I am working on getting the report together from the data warehouse DB.

It looks like the view CiresonHardwareAssetDimvw has pretty much everything that I need in my report.  The part that I am kind of stuck on is what to join in order to get the enumeration values for a couple of items.

The ModelEnum, ManufacturerEnum, HardwareAssetStatus, and HardwareAssetType fields are giving me a hard time.  I can't find where to link to in order to see the actual value.

I am guessing that the data is somewhere in the DisplayStringDimvw but I am not sure what columns I can join to get it translated.

Additionally, has anyone else been disappointed with the reporting available for assets out of the box?  The two reports are nice and generic, but realistically it seems like this is a little more convoluted than it should be to retrieve this kind of data.  I know everything is in there, but it is a maze to navigate.  Maybe it is from being relatively inexperienced with traversing a DB, but some sort of query builder or something would go a long way to improving things.


  • David_Morris1David_Morris1 Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    most enumerations can be found in displaystringdim

    left join DisplayStringDim displayname on "tableyouwanttojoin"."fieldyouwanttojoin" = displayname.elementname and displayname.languagecode = 'ENU'  (replace if you want a different language)
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