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We have a lot of HR teams who use offerings for user modification. As long as a request is active, it can be seen in the Team Requests view. When the request is either resolved or closed, it's gone from this view. There's no option to click on "Closed" as it can be done under "My Requests". If a person from an HR team wants to know whether a request has been made already by somebody else from the same team and this request is closed already, there's no way to find this request. These users aren't analysts, so the option to search for work items is not available for them.

How can they find closed requests from their teams? Anything that can be configured, i. e. the ability to see closed SR under "Team Requests"? Could I limit the search for work items to only those items where one of the team members is the affected user? If yes, how? I cannot allow the search through all work items for persons not being analysts.



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