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Setting "Only Read" Rights for group of user

Martin_FischerMartin_Fischer Member IT Monkey ✭
A customer have a group called "Keyuser". They use defined offerings and have acces to the analyst portal.
But they can edit the complete Request like an supporter. They should able to add an comment, that all and the rest should be read-only (setting priority for example)
How are setting the rights in Cireson and in SCSM?


  • Joe_BurrowsJoe_Burrows Cireson Devops Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi Martin

    You would just need to create a custom form and assign it to the Group "Keyuser"; setting all fields to disabled = true except for the action log.

    More information in the below KB:

    They would also need the appropriate roles in SCSM to edit the workitem - but sounds like they already have that in place.


  • Martin_FischerMartin_Fischer Member IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Joe,
    thanks for that, i will test this


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