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Handling Custom Management Packs

Christopher_CarverChristopher_Carver Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
We have developed a large catalog of sealed custom service request management packs to meet the unique needs of our service teams/functional towers. I request that a new tab be added to service requests similar to that of the SCSM console showing the extension fields that make up the custom management pack for the service request.

Without this ability custom reporting have proven difficult when the report is based off custom fields that should be entered by the analyst regarding the SR. Today our analysts are hand adding the fields inside of action notes or the description of the SR. Forcing reporting to parse through freeform text looking for key field designators. It would be far easier for our reporting automation to just key off the SR custom field.

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  • Christopher_CarverChristopher_Carver Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
    Thank you for letting me know Cireson's stance. We reviewed the difference between class extension and inherited classes and in our environment class extensions for service requests would not be a wise path to take managing the data going forward. There are other CIs where class extensions are more desirable as the CIs are passed between classes. Let me explain our scenario.

    At inception we had 75 uniquely defined service requests ranging from 4 to 20 unique non-generic custom properties per service request. We deploy 4 new service requests per month since launch earlier this year with no end in sight for new service requests as the tool grows in popularity across our teams. Having a all-in-one service request class would contain a growing amount of unused fields. So far we have had no issue with Orchestrator handling the different types of custom service requests. The only issue is editing the extension data from the Cireson Portal. Maybe you know something we do not and a day of reckoning will befall us.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to explain how Cireson handles the issue. This is a testament to the excellent custom support care that will keep us as a customer.
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