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Type Projection for Hardware Assets against a CR

AJ_WittenbrinkAJ_Wittenbrink Customer IT Monkey ✭
My apologies if this has been posted before.

We use CAM extensively for our change requests.  We organize our CAB meetings, by data centers.  In the past we used a text match and a naming standard to group these into the proper locations.

This is troublesome when we move assets into new locations.

So I took a stab at doing a type projection.  Please take a look; any feedback would be appreciated (good or bad).

Here is the section regarding the type projection:
      <TypeProjections>		<TypeProjection ID="Custom.ChangeRequest.TypeProjetion.AffectedItems" Accessibility="Public" Type="CoreChange!System.WorkItem.ChangeRequest">			<Component Path="$Target/Path[Relationship='WorkItem!System.WorkItemAffectedUser']$" Alias="AffectedUser" />			<Component Path="$Target/Path[Relationship='WorkItem!System.WorkItemAssignedToUser']$" Alias="AssignedTo" />			<Component Path="$Target/Path[Relationship='WorkItem!System.WorkItemAboutConfigItem' SeedRole='Source' TypeConstraint='CiresonAsset!Cireson.AssetManagement.HardwareAsset']$" Alias="AffectedHardwareAsset" >						<Component Path="$Target/Path[Relationship='CiresonAsset!Cireson.AssetManagement.HardwareAssetHasLocation']$" Alias="AssociatedLocation" />						<Component Path="$Context/Path[Relationship='CiresonAsset!Cireson.AssetManagement.HardwareAssetHasOrganization']$" Alias="AssociatedOrganization" />			</Component>		</TypeProjection>

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