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Jeffrey_RutkowskiJeffrey_Rutkowski Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hi Cireson Community

I was just wondering if there was a way, such as code manipulation, to alter the Action Log area to do the following for End Users only:

1. Ensure when a non Private comment is made by an Analyst the username does not appear to the end user but something generic like Analyst Comment appears instead?

2. Disable or hide the Record Assigned workflow.

We have done some of our own changes and the output is below.
There is some issues - Record Assigned workflow still appears, unable to collapse comments and it is a bit unstable as it will revert back and forth with the normal out of the box action log.

Before we go live with the End User portal our internal ICT stakeholders expressed that they would not like End Users to see who requests/incidents are assigned to and which analyst is working on the call.
This is to prevent end users from contacting the resource directly.



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  • Jeffrey_RutkowskiJeffrey_Rutkowski Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Jeff,

    That is certainly possible with JavaScript/JQuery-- don't think it would be trivial, but not super complex either. If you need help building this, we would be happy to scope a quick Cireson Consulting Services engagement to build it.

    Thanks Nicholas

    Luckily for us someone here has experience with JavaScript/JQuery, so it's all sorted.


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