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Survey App - Preselecting Satisfaction Slider Value

David_AllenDavid_Allen Partner Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
edited September 2017 in Analyst Portal
The Survey App is a great addition from Cireson, and fills yet another gap in SCSM. On setting up a survey recently though, I needed the ability to pre-set some values in the survey, which there is no option to do.

The scenario is that I was sending out Incident resolution email notifications which included an option to leave feedback.  But rather than simply provide a link to the survey, I wanted the user to click either a happy smiley face or a sad smiley face, and on clicking either smiley takes the user to the survey with the satisfaction slider already set to the relevant good or bad value.

After being advised that I would need to log a feature request to make introduce this functionality, I decided to look into it myself as I thought it must be possible... And, it is.

All survey templates, and survey responses, are stored as configuration items in Service Manager.  If you create a new view targeted at the Cireson Survey Template class, you will be able to see the config items that store all the template information.  In the Questions field of the config item is where all information is stored for the template.

Straight away, I can see here the question "Happiness", the type is "satisfaction", which means a satisfaction slider, and no answer has been specified, it's just "Answer":"".  This means that when the survey template is opened, no value is selected by default on the slider.  If you change this value in the config item to a value between 1 & 5, that value will be pre-selected when the survey loads.

For example, setting the value to 1...

Displays this when they survey is loaded...  (obviously I'm using a different smiley image to those that come as standard)

This means I can achieve my goal... I can send out email notifications with something like this at the bottom

And, whichever smiley is selected goes to the survey template with the satisfaction slider already at the correct value.

Hope this is useful to others... Enjoy!

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