Issue - Attach to Incident Log (Private)

Dean_RigelsfordDean_Rigelsford Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hi Folks,

I've got an issue with any of our Analysts that use the Outlook Cireson Console.

When they attempt to attach an email to the incident log (private) it comes up the following error once the OK button is clicked, the screen shows up OK to search for the incident but it is just after hitting OK the error happens.

The analysts can "Attach To Incident" perfectly fine.

Anyone have any suggestions?

We are on Service Manager 2012 R2 UR9, Outlook Console 7.6.2012.169.


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  • Dean_RigelsfordDean_Rigelsford Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Seems to be good now! Randomly started working for all users!
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