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How to user attribute "userId" needed for API v3 call?

Jermund_FromholtJermund_Fromholt Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hello there!

I'm new to to working with the Cireson API and right off the bat I ran into problems. Long story short, I'm building a custom home screen using the V3 API inspired by @Jan_Vidar_Elven in this post. The JS files that make up my front will be hosted in the CustomSpace folder and embedded in an iframe on the front, as explained by this support ticket.

Currently as a proof of concept I'm trying to list the Service Offerings available for the current user, by asking the API for the service catalogs:

1. What is the format for the userId? Sending my user (e.g. userId=abc123), or the user with domain (e.g. userId=domain//abc123) or the "me token" (from SQL found here) (e.g. userId=@UserId) all grant "The request is invalid".

We use single sing on, so Service Manager should be operating with my domain user. Is there a way to query the API and use that user as context?

3. Is there a way to get data about the current user from the API, I probably need this when creating the actual system for userID, name, email and such.

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