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App doesn't work for machines in different domains

XabiBXabiB Member IT Monkey ✭
When using the app for machines on same domain as Workstation it Works.However, when trying to manage machines from different domain the following happens:
- First it tries to use the NetBIOS name. It finds the record on SCCM but can't manage it through WinRM.
- If we add the FQDN then WinRM works, but it doesn't find the record on SCCM database.
It seems the app hasn't been tested in a multidomain environment.


  • David_Morris1David_Morris1 Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    does the machine running the app have DNS suffixes for all the domains added to its network adapter?
  • From the ConfigMgr Console, it does only connect via NetBIOS name, not FQDN. So you do have to specify the FQDN if you need to use that, just like you would have to specify the IP Address if you wanted to connect via it instead of NetBIOS name.

    You are the second person that has raised this recently, so something that we can look at for the future.
  • XabiBXabiB Member IT Monkey ✭
    thanks for the answers:
    - No, We don't use multiple suffixes on our NICs. There are a few alias that are the same on different domains, so that would be unadvisable.
    - we use the FQDN workaround, the problem is that when using FQDN all queries dependent of the site server don't work.
    I believe is something that could be fixed by code. If computer name contains '.' charácter, use the full string for WinRM, and extract the NETBIOS name splitting the string by the '.' and using the first element for SCCM site server queries.

  • Thanks for the response. I was not intending to imply that this could not be fixed by implementing that in the future. We'll look into it for a future release.
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