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Managing Hardware Assets in Portal with their extensions

Ingrid_GlatzIngrid_Glatz Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭

Because of a memory issue with the SCSM console, we'd like to use the portal to manage our hardware assets. Unfortunately, I've found a couple of limits that do not allow proper handling of the assets in the portal.

1. we use an extension tab on the hardware asset form to add information like replacement year, pin and puk for smartphones or IP addresses for printers. These extensions are not displayed in the hardware asset form in the portal. How would I be able to edit them without using the console?

2. opening All Hardware Assets in the portal does not allow for a search using the asset's name. We have more than 6500 hardware assets. How do I find a specific asset without either having to group by type or add additional views to better find an asset? Any possibility for filtering like in the console?

3. we have console tasks to be executed for specific assets, like printing a sticker with the serial number and MAC. Is there a change to add these tasks to the portal to be executed there?

We use the portal for SCSM version 2012 R2. Thanks for your advice.


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  • Ingrid_GlatzIngrid_Glatz Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭

    Hello Michael,

    I haven't looked into the new features of the V8 portal. I'll check it out and will plan the update. Right now, we're running on V7.4. Thanks.


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