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SMTP for outbound emails and office365

Joshua_WalkerJoshua_Walker Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
I wanted to know if anyone has Email Channel Notification configured in SCSM to work with office365 and if so, wouldnt mind sharing how to get it to work.

I stumbled on http://blog.scsmsolutions.com/2012/02/setup-notification-from-scsm-to-exchange-online-office365-mailboxes/#8230 but i still cant get it to work

Right now we have our old on-prem smtp server configured in the Email Channel but we want to Retire the server since we migrated to exchange online now and most of our system that use emails were also migrated. I followed the instructions but i just dont know what to change in the Email Channel. The relay is configured on the SM management server so i thought the Email channel would be SM_Server on port 25 but it doesnt work.


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    Joshua_WalkerJoshua_Walker Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
    Hi @Matt_Medley

    Like indicated on the link i posted, im using smtp.office365.com and set the port to 587. I know it works because i setup a orchestrator runbook to send email and i use the same credentials (the workflow account in the format workflow@mydomain.com), ssl checked and the email works, so it is not a port issue i think. In SM you cannot choose TLS/SSL...only set the port. Also you cant use windows intergrated because it uses the workflow account settings in the Run-As Account section. The workflow account in that section is setup as domain/workflow which doesnt work for authenticating in O365 and if i switch it to workflow@mydomain.com, SM complains and stuff stop working. The method linked above does work but i dont know what im missing.
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