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Portal "Team Request" not displaying any active/closed work items?

Chris_ReginaldoChris_Reginaldo Customer IT Monkey ✭
We currently have Service Manager version 7.5.3079.0 and Cireson Portal version deployed in our environment.  I have connectors created to specific AD groups pointed towards different teams in our IT department; each team is able to submit and manage their own work items so no problems there.  We also have our domain users able to view and submit their requests.

We would like to have the ability for members of the teams as well as the portal end users in our organization to be able to view the requests submitted by other members of their teams.  Mostly to prevent duplication of problem submissions but also for tracking purposes and metric collection by management.

Now the "Team Requests" option is visible on the portal for all users but is empty of any work items regardless of whether an analyst or an end user is viewing it.  When I go through the "Admin Settings" - "Team Requests View Groups" and try to add a group from the drop-down I draw a blank.

How does one populate the Team Request groups?  I've tested the creation of a new group by adding one of our smaller divisions to a host of different roles and it still fails to appear as a selectable option.  Any suggestions?

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