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URL to create New Incident and prpopulate fields

Michael_SeidlMichael_Seidl Partner IT Monkey ✭
Customer of us is requesting a way, to call the Cireson Portal URL and automatically call New Incident and prepopulate some Value, for example, the affected User so for example

Is there a way to do this?

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  • Kenneth_AndersenKenneth_Andersen Customer IT Monkey ✭

    can I do the same with /AffectedUser/Index#/

    So I can pre populate the AffectedUser.

    The whole idea is to make a landing page from our IT Support Team. So our callcenter can call an URL to open /user/UserRelatedInfoById/{USER GUID}

    Here the supporter can see related asses and case history, and then I use the /AffectedUser/Index to create a new case.


    have attached my idea :)

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