Issue mapping custom properties in portal to console

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I added 3 new DateTime properties to the Cireson software asset class extension management pack. Now I am modifying inetpub\CiresonPortal\CustomSpace\SoftwareAsset.js to include these properties. They are not mapping correctly, so there is no replication of these properties between the portal and console. What am I doing wrong? Here is my code:

name: 'Support Dates',
rows: [
columnFieldList: [
  { DataType: 'DateTime', PropertyDisplayName: 'End of Support', PropertyName: 'ANEndofService' },
  { DataType: 'DateTime', PropertyDisplayName: 'End of Marketing', PropertyName: 'ANEndofMarketing' },
  { DataType: 'DateTime', PropertyDisplayName: 'End of Life', PropertyName: 'ANEndofLife' }

I got it working in my QA environment by correcting the case in the property name, but not in Dev nor Production. Tried with and without the classid. I am copying the property name from the get-scsmclassproperty output exactly as it is, case sensitive and all.

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