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Need help finding HTML element for Filter Search bar drop down box

Hi guys,

We are currently rebranding the portal.

With the custom background we feel white text fits best.

For all forms I got everything figured out with lots of trial and error :)

There is just 1 last thing I would like to get fixed: the Filter Search bar drop down box

I cannot seem to find the html element to manipulate the color of the box background.

Can anyone help me finding it?


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    john_doylejohn_doyle Cireson Support Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    @Filip_Theyssens the button element is styled by the filter-toggle class which is defined as follows:

    <div><div>.search-directive .filter-toggle<span>&nbsp;{</span><br></div><div>&nbsp;&nbsp; border-top-right-radius:&nbsp;0 !important;<br></div><div>&nbsp;&nbsp; border-bottom-right-radius:&nbsp;0 !important;<br></div><div>&nbsp;&nbsp; color:&nbsp;#fff;<br></div><div>&nbsp;&nbsp; background-color:&nbsp;<span>#506a77&nbsp;!important</span>;</div></div><div>}</div>
    As the background colour is marked with important, you are going to have to mark your css style as important also. You could also add more information to the selector to make it more specific.

    I tested this in my custom.css, and it worked.
    .search-directive .filter-toggle {<br>    background-color: #daa520 !important;<br>}

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    Filip_TheyssensFilip_Theyssens Partner IT Monkey ✭

    hello @john_Doyle

    This seems to have changed the color of the button to access the drop down menu to yellow, but not the actual background of the dropdown menu :)

    Did I do something wrong?

    I pasted the the bit you tested in your custom css


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