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Unable to promote views after load balancing

Christian_FailsChristian_Fails Customer IT Monkey ✭

We recently introduced load balancing into our test environment.  We use NetScaler to configure the load balancing.  We have 2 portal servers that are bound to the virtual IP address assigned to the Host(A) name we created in DNS.  After we implemented load balancing we no longer can promote view within the Service Manager console.  We upgraded to the latest version of the portal(v8.2), but it still doesn't work.  When promote views is attempted we get a Web Service URL prompt requesting us to enter the Portal URL.  I've entered the A name we created for the load balancing.  I've entered that name using FQDN.  I've tried the IP of that A name.  I tried the individual server names and IPs.  All of these return a response of "URL not accessible.  Please try again." 

We tested the promote views in our dev environment, which only has a single portal server, and we can promote views.  Our dev environment is also at portal v8.2.  Another way to test was I created a new HOST(A) name in DNS pointing to the IP of one of our individual portal servers.  I was able to enter this new name in the portal URL and it worked fine.  So everything is pointing to load balancing causing the issue. 

Has anyone encountered this issue?  If so, what was done to resolve. 



  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Haven't done a load balanced portal yet (plan to with SCSM 2016 roll out) 
    Just from experience with DNS recommend to attempt to promote the view from your management server. After updating your hosts file on the management server so the portal URL goes directly to the IP of the server that is running your cache builder.
  • David_Morris1David_Morris1 Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi Christian,

    we load balance 3 portals, to promote views i add a site binding in IIS

    Open IIS > go to sites > ciresonportal > Bindings (in the righthand action bar) > add > add a new binding to the IP on a new unused port

    once you have this set use http://IPAddress:Port as the connection for promoting views 

    i normally remove the binding after I'm done to stop it being used rather than my load balanced address
  • Christian_FailsChristian_Fails Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks Brian and David for your responses. 

    David - I tested your way and it worked.  You mentioned that you removed the binding after you were done, but when I removed the binding it prompted me again for the Web Service URL.  How can it work without that binding being in there?

  • David_Morris1David_Morris1 Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    it wont work without it being there, i just remove it and add it when i need to promote (as i don't do it often now) but there shouldn't be an issue leaving it in
  • Christian_FailsChristian_Fails Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Makes sense.  Thanks again.
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