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thumbnail-lg make clickable to RO

We are working on finding a portal design that will work for our business needs. When using the default Home page, we want the thumbnail-lg to be clickable into the actual request offering. There is a lot of space on the pages and having only the request offering title as clickable is causing end users issues. I have found a solution to make the Home (Alternative) icons clickable, but cannot find a solution for the Home page.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Matt_Strachan1Matt_Strachan1 Member IT Monkey ✭
    Found a way to complete this but it is a little intrusive on the client side. I have added icons for the Service Offerings and gave it a data-connection to the Service Offering view.

    $(document).ready(function (formObj) {
        function displayAccessIcons()
     $("span:contains('Accounts and Access')").html(function(_, html) {
     return html.replace(/(Accounts and Access)/g, 'Accounts and Access<p><img src="/CustomSpace/icons/password.png" height="120" width="120" data-service="3e58873e-3f24-b090-d574-f46f00a90e28" data-bind="click: showSingleService"></p>');

    setTimeout(displayAccessIcons, 2000);


    I did this for each Service Offering. Turns the home page into something like this:

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