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task SendMail after sending mail update incident to a custom status

Opening an incident and clicking the task SendMail I see at the bottom of the sendMail dialog an option to update the status of the incident to "wait". After checking that box and after the mail is sent, I see the status changed to a built-in status "pending".
Is it possible to change the status from Pending to a custom status "Waiting for feedback from end-user"?
Looking in the scripts to customize I don't see any good option. 

                                if (bChangeStatus) {
                                    vm.viewModel.Status.set("Id", app.constants.workItemStatuses.Incident.Pending);
                                    vm.viewModel.Status.set("Name", localization.Pending);

Changing these lines would work, but we can loose it when updating if not using the custom.js.
Copying the whole send-mail function to custom.js is also not a good solution.
Anyone who sees another option?
I know I could add a custom task for a quick status change to the status I want, but I then want to hide that checkbox in the dialog.

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