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Cireson Life Cycle Managment App

Margarete_JussenMargarete_Jussen Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭


after using the Life Cycle App we do not see our powershell scripts in the Service Manager console under library powershell scripts. We can see them in our templates but they are not working, our request with psa stuck in state new.

Maybe someone can help

Regards, Margret

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    Margarete_JussenMargarete_Jussen Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
    Thank you very much. It worked. :) 
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    Eugene_RackEugene_Rack Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
    Good evening
    We have just migrated from 2012 to 2016 using the LM app. We did not migrate resolved / closed work items at the time, just active work items. Could this be done after we have already migrated the MP's, Work items etc or is it a once off migration?
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    Roland_KindRoland_Kind Partner Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭


    you can do the migration several times - depending on the options you have selected only non existing items will be created (creation and update behaviour Setting --> "create new Work Items using the same ID numbers but ignore target server items that already exists)

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