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limit on queues

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Good day everyone,

I have a question regarding queues in Service Manager. I have come across many articles "including official MS documentation" suggesting to keep the number of queues to a minimum due to the extra load it puts on the workflow server.

So what I'm after is how everyone manages the access to the work items. I have seen Cireson videos where there is a queue for Finance that includes everything finance and then there is a queue for everyone else.

What I want is to limit what everyone can see as it might not only be Finance that has sensitive information.

I am planning to add all our departments into Service Manager. I work at a University so it includes everything from IT, HR, Finance, Facilities, etc and all the sub-departments for students and staff. 

As you can see this will be a lot of queues and I want to plan this correctly so we don't have issues in the future.

I was thinking of creating a queue for all the top level departments as this will limit access to a degree, but I'm not sure if it is the best way to approach this.

What I have done this far is as follow:
Create AD groups for each sub-department and add the analysts to the relevant groups.
In lists create hierarchy of department\subdepartment for IR and SR
Create queue based IR and SR, and criteria are "Support group = Department\subdepartment"
Create group, included members is the AD group.
Create User role, select required queues, CI's, Catalog Groups, tasks, views templates and add the  AD group to users.

So far I have only added two departments and 4 sub-departments. But like mentioned earlier I'm planning to add the rest of the university departments soon.

I know this is a mouth full, but I would really appreciate your input on how you have implemented this in your environments as I can't really find any info on how to implement this besides "Keep the queues to a minimum"

Any input will be highly appreciated

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