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ConfigMgr Current Branch 1602 error

Getting the following error when submitting a notification on my production site. Works fine on my lab site.

26/05/2016 17:35:09 AD\sa_<Username> : ------------ Initializing new instance of Cireson Ticker App --------------
26/05/2016 17:35:09 AD\sa_<Username> : ------------ Cireson.TickerAdmin version 1.0.2016.5 --------------
26/05/2016 17:35:09 AD\sa_<Username> : ------------ Hosted by System Center Configuration Manager version 5.0.8355.1000 --------------
26/05/2016 17:35:09 AD\sa_<Username> : ------------ Connected to Site <SITECODE> --------------
26/05/2016 17:35:28 AD\sa_<Username> : Preparing to post announcement.
26/05/2016 17:35:28 AD\sa_<Username> : Checking if current user has permissions to initialize client notification.
26/05/2016 17:35:28 AD\sa_<Username> : Current user has permission to initiate client notification, proceeding.
26/05/2016 17:35:28 AD\sa_<Username> : Initiating Client Notification actiontype 8 for collection 'Test Active'
26/05/2016 17:35:29 AD\sa_<Username> : Client Notification method returned operationID 16777665
26/05/2016 17:35:29 AD\sa_<Username> : Getting TaskID for currently processed Client Notification.
26/05/2016 17:35:29 AD\sa_<Username> : Returned TaskID {092d94f6-f897-4492-b23d-c8c1a92de242}
26/05/2016 17:35:29 AD\sa_<Username> : Checking if Inventory Class 'Cireson_Ticker' exists.
26/05/2016 17:35:29 AD\sa_<Username> : Inventory Class 'Cireson_Ticker' exist. Setting Announcement details.
26/05/2016 17:35:29 AD\sa_<Username> : Altering inventory configuration to hold the Announcement.
26/05/2016 17:35:29 AD\sa_<Username> : Mof data retrieved. 1202 characters imported
26/05/2016 17:35:29 AD\sa_<Username> : Connecting to namespace '\\<MyServerName>\root\sms\site_<SITECODE>'.
26/05/2016 17:35:29 AD\sa_<Username> : Importing Mof data into ConfigMgr.
26/05/2016 17:35:29 AD\sa_<Username> : Error: Unable to save inventory configuration.(No inner exception)
26/05/2016 17:35:29 AD\sa_<Username> : Error message: Generic failure
26/05/2016 17:46:47 AD\sa_<Username> : User has cancelled and is exiting the app.


  • seth_coussensseth_coussens Member Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Stephen, have you submitted a support request via http://support.cireson.com yet? This is looking like something that will take a bit more information to resolve.
  • wally_meadwally_mead Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Stephen - do you by chance have a central admin site above the primary site? And if so, you are trying the Ticker on the CAS? If so, that is a known issue, and actually already fixed :-) Re-download the app again. We posted an updated version of the app last month to accommodate the CAS scenario.

    Please do respond to this thread either way so that we know the status of your issue.
  • StephenStephen Member IT Monkey ✭
    We originally had a PS, added a CAS a few years ago and it failed to add. Opened a ticket with MS who removed. it. I have now solved the issue.

    When the CAS was removed, the database function [fnIsCasOrStandalonePrimary] was statically returning 0. Got to the bottom of it with the help of a Microsoft ticket. For anyone else reading this, it should return 1.

    FUNCTION [dbo].[fnIsCasOrStandalonePrimary]() RETURNS BIT AS BEGIN RETURN 1 END
  • wally_meadwally_mead Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi Stephen,

    So you are good now, and your Ticker app works fine? We did have an issue with the Configuration Manager Ticker app in its first release with a CAS. We fixed that issue a few months ago, so any downloads in the past few months should have been for the version that works with the CAS environment. However, it sounds like your issue was more with your physical environment, and not our version of the Ticker app itself.

    If you are good now, and if you haven't already marked the thread as answered, please do so to allow easier management of open threads.


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