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Is it possible to capture terms being searched for in Knowledge

Luke_SLuke_S Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hi All,

Does the Cireson Portal Knowledge Base currently capture, or is it possible to capture the terms Knowledge Users are searching for?

We're trying to identify gaps in our current offerings and this information would greatly assist us target our efforts for new articles.




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    chrisrutledgechrisrutledge Member IT Monkey ✭
    This post is related to my inquiry, initially posted on 3742; didn't see this question before I posted. Will continue conversation here to keep things together.

    We're also wanting to better understand the search habits of our users. We're looking for the following information:

    - Search queries submitted by a user
    - Clickthrough (what article the user selects) after query submission
    - How many searches before clickthrough
    - Abandon rate (queries with no clickthrough before session end)

    Of the above types of data, which are captured and stored by Cireson? If Cireson isn't the right tool for user experience data gathering, do you have any recommendations as far as a solution (something along the lines of Clicktale, for example)?
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