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Debugging permissions problems


The permissions and access rights for users and agents are impacted by multiple settings: AD membership, Role definition in SCSM, Catalog Group, and finally service offerings. Is there an easy way to "debug" when a user should be seeing an offering but doesn't and/or when a user sees an offering he should not see ?


  • Justin_WorkmanJustin_Workman Cireson Support Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    @Stephane_Bouillon - This is an interesting question.  There are many layers when getting to the bottom of why a user can or can't see a Request Offering.  I don't think there's a tool or anything to walk through all those layers to determine why a user can or can't see an offering.  It sounds like you've got a handle on where all the layers are.  I think it's just a matter walking through them manually.  Also, don't forget the final layer of restarting the cachebuilder after adjusting any of the above layers ;)
  • Stephane_BouillonStephane_Bouillon Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks Justin, for end users I have it pretty well covered

    -) In AD:
    the users are part of a group SG_SCSM_Users_X

    -) In SCCM Security Role Definition: End Users X
    All management packs can be accessed (set at creation time of the role)
    No access to any queue
    All configuration items can be accessed
    Only catalog item CG End Users X can be accessed
    All form templates can be accessed
    Users from SG_SCSM_Users_X

    -) In Catalog group definition for CG End Users X
    Service offerings and request offerings specific to this group of users

    This gives me granular control over which users can request which services. If a user is part of an AD group or multiple groups, they see the corresponding services.

    For Agents however, I can't find what I'm doing wrong, I limit them to a single queue, but for some reason they see all the services available

  • Stephane_BouillonStephane_Bouillon Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I created

    -) in AD:

    -) In SCCM Role Definition:  Agents Y (Incident Resolver)
    All management packs can be accessed (set at creation time of the role)
    Access to one single queue Incident queue Y
    All configuration items can be accessed
    No access to any catalog item groups
    No access to any tasks
    No access to any views
    No access to any forms
    Users from SG_SCSM_Agents_Y

    -) In Cireson Portal Support Group Mappings
    Incident Support Group Y is mapped to SG_SCSM_Agents_Y
    Service Request Support Group Y is mapped to SG_SCSM_Agents_Y

    When I log on with a user who is member of the SG_SCSM_Agents_Y AD group, I don't see the icon for Team Work

    What am I missing ?
  • Justin_WorkmanJustin_Workman Cireson Support Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Is SG_SCSM_Agents_Y (either directly or through other group membership) a member of the AnalystsADGroup defined in Admin Settings?
  • Stephane_BouillonStephane_Bouillon Customer IT Monkey ✭
    It was not, I have added it and
    -) re-synchronized the AD connector for all users
    -) restarted the cache builder service
    -) recycled the CiresonPortal application pool
    -) logged out of the browser and logged back in
    -) Ctrl-F5 to refresh the page

    Now, when I logon as an Y agent, I see the Team Work icon, but when I click it there are no incidents, although incidents do exist for the support group.

    Also, all of a sudden, I see all available service request offerings, where I should only see a subset of them.
  • Stephane_BouillonStephane_Bouillon Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I noticed there was a mismatch between the group name in the Users section of the Configuration Items in the SCSM console and the actual name of the SG_SCSM_Agents_Y group. I deleted the item and then resynchronized, which re-imported the group correctly. I then re-configured the Cireson Group mappings, and the incidents now show up correctly in the Team Work view.

    However, the user still sees way too many service request offerings. I must still be overlooking something obvious.
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