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Alphabetise the Query Results field on the Portal

Tony_CollettTony_Collett Cireson Support Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
When loading a Request Offering, every time every query result field is sorted entirely randomly. 

It would be great if this was sorted Alphabetical Order (A-Z) by default

It should sort from the left-most column. 

To add to this, I have created a simple javascript which sorts all Query Result fields (If it has 1 column, it sorts that column. If it has multiple columns, it sorts the right-most column). It's not perfect, but it's a good start point. 

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  • joivan_hedrickjoivan_hedrick Cireson Consultant Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    I've created something similar before which will sort query results by the first column. The following javascript should do what you are looking for. It's a bit longer than what you have, but it also works with query results that depend on previous answers to populate the dataset. 

    $(window).load(function () {
        if (document.URL.indexOf("/SC/ServiceCatalog/RequestOffering/") === -1) { //Only worry about request offering forms
        //Get all objects that hold our kendo grids.
        var divGridControls = $("div[data-control=checkboxGridByCriteria");
        for (var i = 0; i < divGridControls.length; i++) {
            //Re-get this element as an object.
            var thisKendoGrid = $(divGridControls[i]).getKendoGrid();
            var firstColumnName = thisKendoGrid.columns[0].field;
            //var firstColumnTitle = thisKendoGrid.columns[0].title;
            var numberOfRows = thisKendoGrid.dataSource.data().length
            if (numberOfRows > 0) 
                //This grid control already has data. 
                //Sort this grid, using the first column. This will sort only once, after initial page load, whether items exist in the grid or not.
                  sort: { field: firstColumnName, dir: "asc" },
                  page: 1,
                  pageSize: 20,
                //If this request offering grid uses a previous question filter, then the initial sort won't work. Set up a one-time sort event. 
                thisKendoGrid.one("dataBound", function (e){
                    //Note to self. the dataBound fires after the rows are returned, and dataBinding fires before. 
                    var thisEventKendoGrid = e.sender;
                    var firstEventColumnName = thisEventKendoGrid.columns[0].field;
                    var firstEventColumnTitle = thisEventKendoGrid.columns[0].title;
                    //console.log("Databinding changed in event. Sorting by first column '" + firstEventColumnName + "', '" + firstEventColumnTitle + "'");
                      sort: { field: firstEventColumnName, dir: "asc" },
                      page: 1,
                      pageSize: 20,
  • AJ_WittenbrinkAJ_Wittenbrink Customer IT Monkey ✭
    This worked like a charm guys.  We have a series of dependent MP queries, that did filtering,  Cleaned it up nicely!
  • AJ_WittenbrinkAJ_Wittenbrink Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Since out update to V6, the solution by Joivan has not worked.  any suggestions?
  • AJ_WittenbrinkAJ_Wittenbrink Customer IT Monkey ✭
    ok I figured it out, change this line
        var divGridControls = $("div[data-control=checkboxGridByCriteria");
    var divGridControls = $("div[data-control=checkboxGridByCriteriaOld");
  • Morten_Aulie_PettersMorten_Aulie_Petters Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
    Seems like both the scripts work, but only for the first Query Result box. I have a RO where I have 2 Query Result boxes on separate pages using the Layout function of the Advanced Request Offering, and the second box is not affected by the script.
  • Sean_TerrySean_Terry Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017
    Would be ideal if you could manage how these are sorted through the ARO.
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