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Anyone tried the WI Auto Increment modification script in their Prod environment?

We're migrating from SCSM 2012 to 2016 (1801) with assistance from Cireson.  We've used the LMA tool to move stuff over, and on the whole, things look great.

However, we ran into an interesting quandary with Work Items.  After doing an initial import, and then several delta imports, we noticed in testing that our WI #s were super high.  To wit, in our 2012 env, our IRs and SRs were in the high 200K, e.g. SR295101, IR295155, etc.

But after the imports, in the new 2016 env, the first test SR we made was like SR919367!!  WAY too high for our current sequencing.

So, we discussed with our consultant and referred to this old article from Travis Wright:

Shows how to change the starting value for the autoincrement.  Our plan then is to set it to a number near the range we're presently in.  All the 2016 work items have been removed using PS; and the relevant ServiceManagement and Cireson Analytics tables truncated.  We will redo the import of all WI's from scratch (I've tested several iterations) and it brings the final autoincrement number closer to about SR/IR350000 or so, which is much more acceptable.

So the burning question is:  has anyone else tried this in a Prod context?  Or a Prod migration context?  Any success?  Any failure (massive or otherwise)?  Any inexplicable or unexpected behaviors as a result?

Thanks for any insights!


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    Billy_WilsonBilly_Wilson Member Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Hi Stefan,

    I had to do this in my Prod instance when I was an admin to reset the counter after deleting a ton of test WIs before I went live. I didn't have any issues with it although I did have to register a new clean Data Warehouse just before go live because the test tickets didn't go away from the DW.

    Hope this helps.
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