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Gerhard_GoossensGerhard_Goossens Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
Good day everyone,

I was wondering how everyone approached the issue of the "Service Request Area" list that is located in a sealed management pack?

I know there are resources on TechNet to create another list, mapping on the console form and hiding the "old" list.
And I guess then that new list's GUID will have to be specified in the SR portal form to ensure the enumerations work correctly.

What I'm thinking of doing is to use one list for SR's and IR's but my concern is that it will require a lot of changes for reporting and dashboarding to select the new list.

It will be interesting to see how everyone approached this issue and what advantages and disadvantages there are of the chosen option.

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  • Gerhard_GoossensGerhard_Goossens Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Awesome, thank you for the insight.

    I think I will go the route of creating the new categories in the current list and then just disable them in the Cireson DB. I will then script it so that if I truncate the enum table, it will be disabled again.

    I guess it is better to stick with what M$ provides and use the Cireson platform to change what I want to be seen.

    Once again, thank you. I was really considering the custom list procedure, but that might have caused some issues in the future.
  • Manas_GautamManas_Gautam Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Hello Team,

    Is there any way to bring custom list in Cireson portal category list instead of default list?

    Thanks in Advance,


  • Manas_GautamManas_Gautam Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Hi Team,

    Any update on the above issue?

    Thanks and Regards,


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