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Problems after upgrade to v3.0.0.2012

srae23srae23 Member IT Monkey ✭
Hi All,

We seem to have some issues with ASE in our SCSM 2012 R2 environment after upgrading to v3.0.0.2012.

- Randomly, people's SIP address is pre-populated instead of their email address (this has been raised in other posts, but the suggested solution regarding the user's primary address in Exchange doesn't seem to apply here). I can fix this by deleting their SIP address in the user CI notification section, but would rather avoid having to do this for all our users.
- Semi-colons are added at the beginning of the To and CC addresses (for incidents it just seems to affect the CC field, for service requests it's both)
- If the affected user is changed in a work item, ASE still puts the original affected user's address in the To field

This is a great utility that our support teams rely on, so it would be great if we some assistance to resolve these issues.

Thanks in advance!


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