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IR to SR & SR to IR + Our custom.js

Hayden_EckhoffHayden_Eckhoff Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hi All,

I am trying to get the "convert IR to SR" & "convert SR to IR" functionality added into our current customisation which were configured by Cireson. They have given me the below files which i have placed into my CustomSpace but the options show but the functionality doesn't work. When in IR and I click the "convert to SR" it prompts for the template to apply which i select and then nothing happens. If i click Save, it saves the IR but nothing is converted. When in a SR and i click the "convert to IR" i am prompted with the "are you sure you want to convert this to an incident?" i click YES and nothing happens, i click SAVE and it saves the SR but nothing is converted.

I have restarted server, the services, reset IIS, deleted browser cache.

Any ideas?




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    Hayden_EckhoffHayden_Eckhoff Customer IT Monkey ✭
    If i copy/paste the IR to SR or the SR to IR the functionality works i just need all three together. It doesn't seem as easy as just add it to the end...
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