Mastering Hardware Asset Management Webinar Series

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Hello everyone!

As you are hopefully aware, we are part way through a webinar series focusing on Hardware Asset Management. This Community Post will serve three purposes:

       1) Centralized location for links to each session recording:
              a) Part 1 - NA / EMEA
              b) Part 2 - NA / EMEA
              c) Part 3 - NA / EMEA (coming soon)
              d) Part 4 - NA (coming soon) / EMEA (coming soon) -- register here
       2) Forum to ask any questions -- feel free to reply below
       3) Place to link to code from part 3 and part 4 of the series
              a) Part 3 - here
              b) Part 4 - coming soon

Hope everyone is enjoying the series so far, and looking forward to the final session next month!

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