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Work Item Save Auto Redirecting to New

Raymond_DidonatoRaymond_Didonato Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hello community,

In my new production environment, when I save a work item, it redirects to a brand new work item of the same guid, instead of going back to the view it is supposed to go to.  I have a test environment that's also running the same version of the portal, where this is not happening.  I've removed custom.js to make sure it wasn't something in there, but it still has the same issue.  I've double checked my navigation settings to ensure that they are both configured the same. 

Is this a known issue or something wrong in my configuration?


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    Raymond_DidonatoRaymond_Didonato Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Ah, nevermind, it WAS my navigation settings.  There were some differences in the other views that I overlooked.  This can be removed.
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