Affected User app for the Portal

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We have implemented Affected User in our test environment for the Portal and have some questions. 

- When an IR/SR is created and saved, the information still remains on the page. You get a green pop-up that says the IR/SR is saved but after about 10 sec the pop-up disappears. Since you have all the information left on the page this probably will cause confusion if the IR/SR was really saved or not. By pressing enter once again you have two similar IRs. A solution to avoid such confusion could be that the information disappears when saving the IR/SR.

- Is it possible set required fields and how? It's too easy to forget to select a support group for example.

- Urgency and Impact should reflect the default settings. As it is now, they look empty on the page but still have the default settings in the background.

Otherwise this is a great feature that will benefit us a lot.
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