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We're excited to introduce you to 14 new Remote Support apps as part of the existing Service Management Stream!

These modern, web-based, user and device management tools for Analysts help further maximize productivity, deliver faster problem resolution and increase end user satisfaction.

Check out our on-demand webinar to find out how these new apps fit into your existing Team or Service Management Foundation license, see a technical overview demo, and more.View the installation & setup webinar to learn how to get started with Remote Support.

About Service Control

Understanding the services footprint of a given client is critical in understanding if the operating system and installed software is working correctly. With the Service Control app, you can view installed and running services, and when a problem is identified you can easily stop, start, or restart a given service to resolve the issue. With Remote Management and Service Control your Analysts are in control.



  • View service status
  • View service account for a service
  • Quickly view current service status
  • Stop a service
  • Start a service
  • Restart a service
Learn more about Service Control here: https://cireson.com/apps/service-control/
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