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Work Items in Portal not updating status

Darren_OLearyDarren_OLeary Customer IT Monkey ✭
Work items that are submitted which have activities are not updating their status although the workitems in the SCSM console are reflecting the correct status.
New workitems are stuck in a 'New' state and not moving to an 'In Progress' state, while existing workitems in an 'In Progress' state are not moving to a 'Completed' state.

Have restarted the Cachebuilder service to no avail.


  • Darren_OLearyDarren_OLeary Customer IT Monkey ✭
    edited October 2018
    Just a quick update this... it appears some workitems are stuck as others submitted since appear to be progressing through as normal.
    Also activities that are assigned to Support Groups are then not displaying in the respective Support Groups queues after updating.
  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    What is triggering the changes on the WI in the system for the items not updating? Analyst or automation?
  • Darren_OLearyDarren_OLeary Customer IT Monkey ✭


    New SRs raised with no activities were staying in a 'New' state while SRs with one or more activities were staying in an 'In Progress' state were not moving onto the next activity or completing.

    The issue appeared to have resolved itself however after I posted.

    For those SRs that I was able to identify or others told me about, I had to make a change to the SR in some way and then save it. Where a multiple activity SR had one of those activities completed, I had to return to the previous activity, re-action and then it progressed properly to the next activity as normal.

    All other SRs raised for the remainder of the day worked as normal.

    I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary in the logs that indicated an issue.

  • David_HicksDavid_Hicks Customer IT Monkey ✭

    I'm having this same situation right now - statuses in Team Work view don't match the actual status when you open the work item.  This is usually a symptom of the cache builder service being off (mine was running; I restarted, but it's not helped.)

    If in your case the status seen in the view *does* match the actual status of the work item, then it sounds more like your Service Manager workflows are either stalled or are fallen behind.  (That would be a SCSM issue rather than a Cireson one.)

  • David_HicksDavid_Hicks Customer IT Monkey ✭
    And right after I said that, my statuses in the view did return to normal.  Restarting the cache builder fixed me - just needed to wait about 25 minutes.
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