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My Active Work Items Parity in Cireson Portal

Alex_JensenAlex_Jensen Customer IT Monkey ✭
edited November 2018 in Analyst Portal
Hey Cireson Community!

Earlier this year I upgraded our SCSM environment to 2016 and used that opportunity to introduce the Cireson Portal for analysts and end users. I have had little luck getting our IT service desk team to use the Cireson Portal because they like the "My Active Work Items" view in the Windows console better. The reason? The Cireson Portal's "My Work" view does not allow analysts to see unassigned work items for their support group.

The Team Work view allows users to see the support groups unassigned work items, but also shows every other analysts' work items, so there is too much clutter.

I thought I could circumvent this limitation by using a filter on the Assigned User column to equal the analyst or nil/blank, but it looks like you can't use nil/blank as a filter value.

Using the SCSM console would be a fine option for them, but since we have migrated all of our KAs to the vastly improved HTML knowledge base of the Cireson Portal, the service desk team hates having to switch between both consoles.

Are there any tweaks that can be implemented to get either the "My Work" or "Team Work" views of the Cireson Portal to behave more like the "My Active Work Items" view of the Windows console?

Cheers, mates!


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