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The right way of upgrading the Analyst Portal with 'ServiceManagement' DB in a SQL AG

Stoyan_ChalakovStoyan_Chalakov Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hi Guys,

my Analyst Portal Upgrade just failed with:

"Failed to create management database  ServiceManagement on AGListenerName.domain.com : The operation cannot be performed on database "ServiceManagement" because it is involved in a database mirroring session or an availability group. Some operations are not allowed on a database that is participating in a database mirroring session or in an availability group.
ALTER DATABASE statement failed."

So I did a simple search and found this topic:

Problem Installation Always On with Cireson System Center Service Manager Portal

Because I am not quite sure, I decided to ask again about the "right" way to do this if the 'SrviceManagement' DB is in a SQL AG:

Q: If I get this right, I need to remove the DB from the AG, then point the installer to the node, holding the DB and complete the install. After the install, I can again take the DB into the AG and chnage the Web.Config file at C:\Inetpub\CiresonPortal accordingly? 

Q: Is that right? What about the SCSM DB setting?

Q: What about the failed install? Can I just attempt the Upgrade again or do I need to follow certain rollback procedures?

A big thanks in advance for your comments!


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  • Stoyan_ChalakovStoyan_Chalakov Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Justin,

    thanks for the clear reply. 

    Wish you are great weekend!

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