Combination classes in extended class + form

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Hi community,

I'm new to SCSM authoring. Could anyone help me with this case?

We need new SCSM class called ‘Server’ with its own attributes like FQDN (string), Update, Policy(list), Business Owner (AD user/group) etc.
I created sealed MP with class definitions.

Then I created second unsealed MP to design form with 'Related' and 'History' tabs using great customization template from

I followed Patrik's guide so Type Projections are in this second MP which is bundled to MPB and imported to SCSM.

Now I cannot see our ‘Server’ in Combination classes in SCSM console.

I think I should move those Type Projections to the first 'definition' sealed MP but don't know how.

I can provide my MPs for investigation. Thanks


  • Rod_MartenRod_Marten Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I've been authoring MPs for a while, but not sure that makes me an expert.  Either way I'll share my opinions.

    Sealed MPs are not editable from the console, unsealed ones are.  This implies Classes, Type Projections, Forms should be in sealed MPs.  Views, Enumerations, Templates, SLOs should be in unsealed MPs. An exception is if an enumeration is needed for the logic of a form, then it should be sealed so you can't mess up the form.

    Data layer stuff shouldn't be in the same MP as presentation layer stuff.  The reason is you may want to get rid of the form or change the form, but not the underlying data.  If you remove a MP with a class defined in it, the data based on that class is erased.

    Most MPs I've seen mix the type projections with the class definitions.  On the assumption that the type projection is specific to my form, I usually bundle the type projection with the form it supports (this only makes sense if only a single form uses the type projection.

    To your specific question:

    If you created the class extension correctly and called it Server it should show up in classes not combination classes.  The authoring tool should have created a type projection for your form.  Open the xml file created by the authoring tool in a text editor and look for the definition of the type projection.  Find the name and look for that in the Combination classes.

    If you would like more info, email me the unsealed mps you are working on [email protected]
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