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How to set different SMTP addresses for two portal server

Lorenz_BennLorenz_Benn Partner IT Monkey ✭
Hello Cireson Community,

I've got an issue. In my company we have two Cireson portal server, one in our internal network, one in our DMZ.
Apparently when I set an SMTP configuration on the one server, it will be set on the other server too.

So I have an SMTP setting for the DMZ server and one for the internal, both cannot be the same due to firewall policies.

Is there anywhere a setting where I can disable this behavior and allow both servers to have different SMTP settings ?

I'll be thankful for any idea.

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  • Tony_CollettTony_Collett Cireson Support Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    If both Portal Servers are pointing to the same database (default DB is ServiceManagement) then both servers will pick up the same settings, including SMTP. If you were to install them as separate databases then you could have different settings, though it's not a good practice, as you would need two Cachebuilder services running to manage both database instances. 

  • Lorenz_BennLorenz_Benn Partner IT Monkey ✭
    Some other possible ideas:
    ii) Reverse proxy to your internal instance so it can access the backend zone services (Would require additional firewall policies though), see example here 
    looks promising, I have to bat around with our network guys but this solution might be worth a try. Thank you!
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