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I have re-searched this as much as I can, and I am sorry in advance if this was resolved or stated in another thread and I missed it.

I work in higher education, and I am interested in making a request offering for our Faculty to be able to request for one of their students to be set as an "Instruction Assistant" in our LMS. (I have more application for this of course. Such as, Shared Mailbox Access, or Network folder access, etc.....)

I am trying to provide a text box that says "Please specify the user name to grant access to". Instead of a text box however, I would like to provide them with a look-up field to be able to specify the user specifically from a source (AD, CI, whichever).

Is this possible?

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  • NazOsmanNazOsman Member IT Monkey ✭
    @Justin_Workman Thank you Justin. I saw this option before but I didn't know what it was for, you set me up in the right direction. Although, the interface is very intuitive. Not sure If I can implement that for our users without some training. (Specially the select multiple records flow).

    @Jeff_Lang Thank you, this looks like a huge improvement. I am always afraid to implement third-party custom code however since I am not skilled in the languages they are written in. When they break, I just get worried about not being able to fix issues in a reasonable time.

    @Adam_Dzyacky Thank you! I see what you are saying there! (Although, the technicalities are beyond my skills)! I was aiming for a more basic implementation that this (Like, only display users from the students OU), and the teacher can select your student. But, your solution offer a much more professional and pleasant experience. I will keep that one in the back of my mind!
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