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The other Monkey of the Month

Geoff_RossGeoff_Ross Cireson Consultant Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
Those that know me will know that I love everything about Cireson. But there's two things in particular that I enjoy.

1. The Cireson Community
2. The amazing charities we are able to support

Therefore, it really made me smile when these two worlds happen to collide as Wild Futures, a monkey rescue charity based in the UK announced their 'Monkey of the Month' for March as Banjo, the Capuchin monkey that Cireson sponsors.

I am very lucky to have met Banjo at the Wild Futures Monkey Sanctury in Cornwall, UK, and can tell you that he is a amazingly cute monkey and as cool, and as much a Ciresonite as IT Monkey.

Here's the update from Wild Futures, please have a read and check out the Wild Futures Website for more details and if you are ever is that part of the world, I can really recommend a visit. Just remember to tell him Geoff says hi.


Monkey of the Month - Banjo


This March we have chosen the lovely Banjo as our monkey of the month! Banjo celebrates his 10th birthday on the 23rd and we thought we would celebrate by looking back at his journey through the years...
Banjo was born in 2009 to dad Elvis and mum Sue, in an animal care college in the UK. The college aimed to teach students how to care for capuchins in captivity, but luckily, they eventually realised that this was not appropriate. That meant that the whole family were rescued by Wild Futures in 2012.
Banjo arrived alongside his mum Sue, dad Elvis, auntie Betty, grandma Sheila and siblings Roccita, Amy, and Pepper. Over the years a few members of the group have sadly passed away, but this family unit has remained strong throughout all of their turbulent times. In the wild, when a young adult male (like Banjo) reaches sexual maturity they would usually leave their family to find their own group. Elvis has always been the leader, but recently we have seen a natural slow shift in who is the boss, with Banjo showing more and more signs of becoming the dominant male. Thankfully, due to their close relationship, Elvis seems to be allowing this transition, instead of fighting for it, which means that they may be able to stay together still. We will continue to monitor the group as Banjo grows, as we always have, which so far has seen him turn from a mischievous and playful young male to a calm and responsible member of his group.


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