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Overhaul History Tab - Increase Functionality and Ease of Use

Jonathan_BolesJonathan_Boles Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
The history tab is a nice feature for audit purposes but it leaves much to be desired since all formatting, hyperlinks (from send email task) are removed and you simply see a block of text. In addition, it's difficult to know which use moved an activity into a completed status which for audit purposes is extremely important. Would love to see the community provide more suggestions on this!

For a true audit log, I would expect that everytime something changes on a work item, the history log captures it as well as the user (or service account) responsible. Or in the case where the user has kicked off a workflow that caused the change - it shows the user responsible.

Lastly, it would be extrememly helpful to see print functionality added to the history tab as typically managers would like to see a printed (or PDF) summary of tickets that have been escalated and require additional review.
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    Jason_MeyerJason_Meyer Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    Thanks Jonathan, upvoted.

    We would like to be able to search the HISTORY tab. Actually, we would like to have a search that searches ALL portions of the data.

    The issues that I'm trying to resolve are:

    1. Determine what support staff have all done work on a request. As is we measure who 'created' the issue and who it is 'assigned to'. But we have a lot of ad hoc requests that go through multiple teams and I would like to find a way to measure that in bulk, without having to manually read the history of each ticket.
    2. We are an organization that currently has 269 Support Groups in our Service Manager environment. Those 269 support groups work for 24 different 'departments'. I need a way to measure when a ticket is assigned to my department so that I can determine how long the request/issue has been pending with me. In our environment it may take a while for the request to reach the correct department and our metrics would like to start the clock ticking at that point.
    3. We have requests that sometimes are delayed by forces outside of our control. We would like to be able to measure that and are attempting to do so with the ON HOLD status. We now need a way to measure 'in bulk' how much time is accruing for requests that are ON HOLD.

    I can solve these issues manually on a one ticket at a time basis by reviewing the HISTORY information, good. But what I need to be able to do is programmatically calculate this information on thousands of requests per month. Our department handles in the 10-15k requests per month volume.

    Appreciate any advice, suggestions on how to do any of these.

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