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attaching files against a users profile in the portal and/or console

Mina_SaidiMina_Saidi Customer IT Monkey ✭

I was wondering if its possible to add file attachments against a users profile within the analyst portal or within the console but preferably the portal for easier access.

at the moment, the analysts go through the users tickets raised to find relevant attachments and its difficult at times but we would like to keep certain files attached to users for easy access especially for auditing purposes.

also - if this is possible will it fall under the retention period? so after a while the files will be deleted from the portal but still accessible within the console?

this is mainly for our new user accounts. due to certain processes most areas do not use the create new user form on the self service portal they either give a hard copy to IT to create the account or send it via an email. IT staff need to keep a record of the form and for easy access they wish to attach it to the users profile in the portal instead of a shared drive or sharepoint etc.

Hope this makes sense.

Kind Regards

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  • Billy_WilsonBilly_Wilson Member Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Hi Mina,

    Not sure what you mean by adding a file attachment against a users profile but you may be able to download attachments to a file share and make then available per user internally using a file UNC link, probably from the User account in the CMDB either using the Notes filed or a custom field.. Or perhaps transfer the attachments to the AD User CI altogether.

    As to keeping files accessible, I ran into kind of the same challenge whereas I needed attachments to be available a lot longer than the grooming policy due to auditing controls. To that end, I created an Orchestrator runbook (really just a PSScript) to download attachments from WIs to a folder on a file share named for the WI ID (i.e. IR12345). I'd be happy to upload it if you would find it useful.
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