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LSM and multiple AD domains

Rod_MartenRod_Marten Customer IT Monkey ✭
Does the LSM tool work across AD domains?  In particular, it looks like it is having problems with Cireson Support Group mappings.  How does it identify an AD Domain?

If it is, what is the object tree that Cireson uses to store group info so we can write scripts to compensate.



  • Shane_WhiteShane_White Cireson Support Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Rod_Marten,

    Can I confirm you mean Cireson SCSM Lifecycle Management APP (LMA)?

    What is it you are trying to achieve that the moment? This app is supposed to be used mainly for reading/writing SCSM data.

  • Rod_MartenRod_Marten Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Cireson SCSM Lifecycle Management

    Our goal is to be able to push settings tested in lower DEV and QA environments to Production environments.

    Our DEV and QA are in a development AD Domain While Prod is in a production Domain.

    Since it has a Copy settings function, I assumed it would do that as well.

    Throws this error:

    [29 of 71] Validating setting item 'ea015bb1-822a-3c66-3771-4f84e81fd655.0a7cea3b-82c9-59d4-af42-82c85f221170'
    [29 of 71] (prop 1 of 3): Verifying property 'SupportGroupId'
    [29 of 71] (prop 2 of 3): Verifying property 'AdGroupId'
    [29 of 71] (prop 3 of 3): Verifying property 'DisplayName'

    This comes from this class (it happens to all instances of this class)

    __EnterpriseManagementObject : ea015bb1-822a-3c66-3771-4f84e81fd655.0a7cea3b-82c9-59d4-af42-82c85f221170
    __RelationshipAliases        : {}
    AdGroupId                    : 0a7cea3b-82c9-59d4-af42-82c85f221170
    DisplayName                  : ea015bb1-822a-3c66-3771-4f84e81fd655.0a7cea3b-82c9-59d4-af42-82c85f221170
    SupportGroupId               : ea015bb1-822a-3c66-3771-4f84e81fd655
    #Id                          : de209a6e-0152-ff93-357f-12215a793779
    #Name                        : ea015bb1-822a-3c66-3771-4f84e81fd655.0a7cea3b-82c9-59d4-af42-82c85f221170
    #Path                        :
    #FullName                    : Cireson.SupportGroupMapping:ea015bb1-822a-3c66-3771-4f84e81fd655.0a7cea3b-82c9-59d4-af42-82c85f221170
    #LastModified                : 7/17/2018 9:36:56 AM
    #TimeAdded                   : 7/17/2018 9:36:56 AM
    #LastModifiedBy              : 7431e155-3d9e-4724-895e-c03ba951a352
    EnterpriseManagementObject   : ea015bb1-822a-3c66-3771-4f84e81fd655.0a7cea3b-82c9-59d4-af42-82c85f221170
    RelationshipAliases          : {}

    I'm assuming the SLM tool is looking up the target AD group by DN which in the different Domain doesn't match and is blowing up.  I want to confirm that before I write around the limitation.



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