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Kevin_StaceyKevin_Stacey Customer IT Monkey ✭
Looking to see if it's possible to either modify the OOB 'Knowledge Base' (/View/0aef4765-0efa-4a65-84c1-324b09231223) to insert an HTML table like the image below? Or even if it was a new page with the table and the 'Search....' bar would suffice. We are looking to emulate our previous Sharepoint based knowledge base, we've found some users just like nice shiny buttons to push :0)


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  • Kevin_StaceyKevin_Stacey Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thank you Shane, this does exactly what I was looking for! Though as you mentioned I have to work on the formatting within the HTML, it does place the table on the page so it's exactly what I needed.
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