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Request Offering prompts squished after portal update to 9.1

Stuart_SneddonStuart_Sneddon Customer IT Monkey ✭
After updating our (dev) portal to 9.1 (and also in 9.2) our request offering have had the prompt width set to 50%. The  form instructions section has remained at 100% of the width.

Anyone else getting that?

Having a quick look it appears there is some CSS (cireson.main.min.css) setting the width to 50% on .col-md-6. Can override in the custom css I guess, but wondering if this is the best thing to do? And why this is the case. 


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  • Stuart_SneddonStuart_Sneddon Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks @Justin_Workman

    Yes, that resets the width for the query picker. This is good for the original "classic" style on our existing ROs.

    Checking out the new style query picker ( :) ). Ratios on that style look a bit "off" to me, at both 50 and 100%. Will have a play with the CSS, initially thinking having the search box below the prompt title looks better.
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