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Better Admin options for managing saved searches

Sean_TerrySean_Terry Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
When in admin it would be ideal if you could identify:

Who created the saved search
What criteria is used in the saved search

We have over 80 and although making them public might be a workaround we would ideally like to do certain checks behind the scenes without impacting other users.

We also have a lot of duplicates. It would be ideal if users had a way of being prompted if they were potentially creating a duplicate. Maybe they view it and then request access so we can make it available to them? 

How many saved searches can be stored? Are there recommendations before the total impacts performance? Is there any warnings in place to contact admins if this reaches a particular threshold? If a saved search takes a long time is there a timeout? Is there any warnings for admins if there is a slow performing search? 

It would also be good if there was a way of moving saved searches within or outside the 'My Search' area without having to save it after each move. Also, when we did this yesterday, the save appeared to work but the 3 dots took over a never disappeared. So we had to refresh the browser each time. Again, this may be hitting the performance in our environment by having so many. Having a way to manage these would help us a lot.

This feels like an area that could be enhanced a lot more, not just the amount of criteria available within the searches (which we are also looking for).
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