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The New Community Rich Text Editor for Posting!

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Code Blocks:

$example = get-process

Rich Embeds

Rich Editor supports embedding of external content within posts. Use the embed menu to transform a link into a rich content embed.

_Alternatively, pressing enter at the of a line containing only a link also attempt to create an embed from that link._

While we fetch the data for the embedded content, the link appears as a link with a loading indicator.

Once the embed is ready it will display in it’s final form directly in the editor.

Text Formatting

![The bold, italic, strikethrough, code, and link buttons](https://images.v-cdn.net/docs/richeditor_inlineformats.PNG

This first set of buttons allows you to add bold, italic, strike, code, or link formatting to selected text. This menu is dynamic and contextual, appearing wherever the user makes a selection. The following standard keyboard shortcuts also work when you have begun typing inside the editor.

·     ctrl+b or ⌘+b for bold.

·     ctrl+i or ⌘+i for italic.

·     ctrl+k or ⌘+k for link.


List are created by inputting - or 1., causing either numbers or bullet-points to mark each item in the list. After starting one of these two options, Rich Editor will jump you to the first point in your list. After writing the first point, hitting enter will bring you to the next point. Once you’re done with your list, just hit enter twice, and it will let you work on other aspects of your post.

Headings and Special Text Formatting

The block formatting menu provides a range of formatting options that take up 1 or multiple lines. Current formats include:

·     Text

·     Headings (level 1 and 2)

·     Quotes/Blockquotes

·     Code Blocks

·     Spoilers

Once a spoiler is posted it’s contents will be hidden until their content is toggled. The spoiler format is always visible while editing a post, and can be interacted with once the post is published.


This button contains a list of emoji that can be used within a post. Rich Editor provides 1000s of emojis for all of users sorted into 8 different categories.

Uploading Images

Users with permission to upload images can add images to their post using the image upload button next to the emoji picker. Alternatively images can be dragged into Rich Editor.

Uploading Files

Users with permission to upload files can add files to their post for others to download. This can be done by clicking the ‘Paperclip’ icon at the bottom of the Rich Editor text box. Users can also upload files by dragging them directly into the Rich Editor.


If you embed a link from the same forum, or click on the “Quote” button, and embedded version of that content will be embedded in your post.

If the content is too long, an expand and collapse menu will be shown for that Rich Quote.


Rich Editor offers a beautiful link embed. It fetches titles, descriptions, and images from the linked URL and displays them in a sleek modern view.


Twitter links get transformed into embedded tweets.


Videos appear as a fast, responsive thumbnail, with the full video loading on when the play button is clicked. Rich Editor currently supports:

·     Youtube

·     Vimeo

·     Twitch

·     Wistia

Other Embeds

In additional to these types of embedded content, Rich Editor currently supports:

·     Giphy

·     Instagram

·     Getty Images

·     Codepen

Let us know what you think!

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