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Dynamic prompt not displaying in Request Offering

Prompt: What do you require?

Simple List options:   New account

                                   Changes to an existing account

                                   Additional permissions for an existing account


Select New account – displays form field Who is this new account for? (this works)

Select Changes to an existing account – displays form field Who is this account Amendment for? (this works)

Select Additional permissions for an existing account – is meant to display Who are the additional permissions for? (this does not work - field does not show).



Form has been published, cache has been rebuilt, even left overnight for server reboot…

 Form on Cireson:

XML export showing code for displaying field:


<Source Id="56d9aad3-00f5-41ef-a11f-e0ee3f3462b2" Ordinal="6" Prompt="Who are the additional permissions for?" ReadOnly="false" Optional="false" ControlType="System.SupportingItem.PortalControl.InlineList">


             <Dependencies />


               <AddressableOutput OutputName="ListValue" OutputType="string" />




                 <ListValue DisplayName="Someone else" IsDefault="false" />

                 <ListValue DisplayName="More than one person" IsDefault="false" />


                   <Show When="True">

                     <Condition PropertyId="3cf0a812-3888-4ede-9295-a9d735b159aa" Operator="Equals" Value="Additional permissions for an existing account " />







             <Target Path="CiresonARA02" OutputName="ListValue" />




I cannot see a reason for this field to remain hidden when the other 2 options from the same drop down list work perfectly.

 Any advice appreciated

Thank you.


  • Alison_FirthAlison_Firth Customer IT Monkey ✭

    RESOLVED - A space at the end of the picklist value cut off in the dynamic config dropdown - took a programmer to spot it!

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