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ARO - Using Multiple Mapping to map user specified field for Query Prompt results

Currently, in ARO, a Query Picker control can be 'mapped' in 1 of 2 ways- 1) as a relationship; or 2) the Display Name property of the user selected object can be mapped to a field.

This feature request is an enhancement to option #2 above. However, instead of only mapping the Display Name property to a text field, it would be great if the admin could select which property of the selected object could be mapped to which field when building out the ARO.

For example, if the user selected a User record, the admin could Multi Map the User's DisplayName field to ext01, the User's title to ext02, the User's phone number to ext3, etc.

I realize this could get complicated if the Query Prompt targets a Type Projection, but would suggest a starting point would be to use only the seed class of the type projection as a first step. Future iterations could (maybe?) look into properties of classes related via the type projection definition.

This would save admin's from writing automation to update these items for each ARO that needed it and would create the WI properly on create, rather than needing to wait for a workflow job to update it to a 'final' state a couple minutes after creation.

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Completed · Last Updated

Completed with v11.1 of the portal


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